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It Happened One Holiday Weekend: New York Goes to the Dogs

1) A couple with a $6,000/month budget find difficulty in finding a apartment in the city because many pet friendly buildings quivered at the site of their 158-pound mastif. All is solved when they find an apartment near the Queensborough Bridge that was "exactly the apartment Matt described that we would never find." We should all be so lucky. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

2) The HomeWorks programs has helped transform some of the worst city blocks into desirable hoods while making some of the program pioneers very rich, with some participants grossing over $1 million. The program's director believes it is a win-win situation: "There would not be a Harlem renaissance without HomeWorks." NYTimes]

3) A 1903 carriage house on East 13th Street, where Frank Stella has been working for the past 20 years, may earn landmark status this week before developers have a chance to erect a new seven-story building on the site. [The City Section]

4) Jackson Heights declares war on street vendors. Apparently, over 9,000 different food vendors operate in the area despite a cap on licenses set at a meagre 4,000. Local officials won't cut and run before the mission has been completed. [The City Section]