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CurbedWire: Behold the BellTel

CurbedWire is Curbed's almost-daily roundup of reader gossip, innuendo, and occasional half-truth. Got gossip? We want to hear about it: Your anonymity, as always, is safe with us.

1) Downtown Brooklyn: A passerby "noticed they put up sales advertisements outside the Verizon building in Metrotech that they've been gutting for months." The website, BellTel Lofts, is up (screenshot above), with little more than a waitlist for those interested. [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Upper East Side: A tipster emails, "I noticed that the boxy structure that used to be a North Fork bank chain has officially been removed from the site at 79th and 2nd, leaving an empty shell of a tenement (which sadly used to hold Schmoopie’s deli, a favorite of mine), which hugs a white brick building at the site of what we all think will be some glassy condo. They’re moving very quickly at this site, it seems." Calling all renderings. [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) West Soho/Hudson Square: The Donald continues to throw down the gloves (hey, he can afford another pair) as part of the war over his planned 42-story hotel tower. Reports a Curbed reader, "There's a crew (Empire Erection, as if you needed any more material for Trump jokes) dismantling the billboard and related superstructure at the Varick & Spring site. A 2 or 3-foot structural element was crashing to the ground as I passed by after lunch. The crane operator had a slightly sour look about him." Trump 2, World 0. [Curbed Wire Inbox]

4) Upper West Side: A short but sweet tip from a law school student: "I was informed yesterday that Fordham Law School will be building a new Lincoln Center building sometime in the next few years. I just wanted to give you all a heads up!" Anyone know more? We always love a heads up. [CurbedWire Inbox]