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Midtown Marymount Dorm Dominance?

Speaking of big units, a Curbed reader emails, "With all the new college dorms going up in Manhattan and nearby, my client Marymount Manhattan College wants to know if they have the tallest dorm -- at 46 stories total, 31 stories of student housing. Do you or your readers know?"

The dorm, seen here in a photo likely shot by a first-year art major, is on 55th Street. The Marymount website chirply adds, "Since opening in 2001, the dormitory has had a positive effect on student life at Marymount Manhattan, creating a college community beyond the 71st Street campus. It houses over 500 students during the school year." Delightful. Who's got our sublease?
· Student Dorm Life High Over Midtown Manhattan [Marymount]