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Boerum Hill Building Starts Demolishing Itself

We've been following the tale of the collapsing building on Wykoff St. in Boerum Hill as it's been reported by the Brooklyn sailing blog, Sail Brooklyn. The saga started over the weekend when the long-abandoned, four-story building gave up its fight with gravity and started falling down. Score: Gravity 1, Two Parked Cars 0. This lead to a brick-by-brick demolition that Sail Brooklyn is documenting. The blogger also relates the building's story:

For as long as we've been around these parts (which is over 12 years), there has been a U.S. Realty sign on the side of the building, obviously advertising that 207 Wyckoff is for sale...However, if you call the number, nobody will answer. Sources on the block tell us that the owner of 207 Wyckoff Street is very delinquent in his taxes on the property. When the city threatens to foreclose on the property, the owner makes arrangements with the city to pay a small portion of the delinquent taxes so he doesn't have to relinquish his prized property to the city.We await further updates, unless the blogger goes sailing again instead.
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