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The Saya Cometh, but Just How Big?

When a McDonald's rides off into the sunset, you know there has to be a good reason. In January, the Mickey D's on 23rd Street near Madison Square Park served its last McNugget, and with the closure of other neighboring buildings, we've been anticipating a big announcement as to what the heck is gonna be built at 20 East 23rd. Well, while we were away last week, the bomb was finally dropped. The Real Deal reported that Slazer Development is set to start construction on a two-building condo tower called The Saya, which would come in at a whopping 60 stories. Made up of 90 units (including 18 full-floors and a 7,500sf triplex) ranging from $1 million to $30 million, The Saya will be marketed starting in July, with an expected opening in 2008.

Since that report, some other info has trickled out. First, there's a conflicting claim that the development will actually be 47 stories, or 604 feet tall. That would still make it tower over the park, but hopefully not topple over the park. The Metro carried the rendering at right, which makes it look like the Saya is a little drunk, no?
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