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Revolution in East Harlem

All throughout history, leaders have come out of nowhere to revolutionize the way something is done. Two-thousand years ago, cavemen worshipped gold statues and whacky Jewish gods, only to be completely schooled on how to pray by that Jesus dude. Later, man was used to tossing a ball in a peach basket for sport, until Michael Jordan came along and showed them that only through nasty jams in defenders' faces could true enlightenment be attained.

Today, friends, is one of those days. Because today is the day that new development websites get changed forever. Now, there have been flashes of brilliance before, don't get us wrong. Commissioning original Yanni-like music to softly hum in the background, buying Etta James, etc. But today the game done changed! Former Development Du Jour 111 Central Park North already grabbed our attention with their "teaser" website, featuring an amazingly pretentious and entertaining voiceover, but now the real website has launched and?umm?well, let's just say that if every luxury building's web presence doesn't have a three-inch tall ethnic woman serving as a virtual host by talking you through floorplans and amenities within six months, then we're totally over this business.
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