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Development Du Jour: The Mill Building

Located in "The heart of Wi--

Located in "The heart of Williamsbu--"

Sorry, this is really hard to type, even if we are just quoting the Corcoran description. OK, here we go: Located in "The heart of Williamsburg's exclusive Northside" (shudder), The Mill Building is that large hunk of real estate at 85-101 North 3rd Street, former?and current? We're not sure?home to many a hipster art gallery. This is a very intriguing new development, because we all know about the Williamsburg gold rush, and yet some of the Mill Building's huge lofts are going for as little as $620/sf. No, it's true, check out the initial listings.

Now let's have a looksie at what's going on here. Designed by Fifield Piaker Elman Architects (or "Ellman" according to the Corcoran writeup. Whoops!), the Mill Building maintains some "unique original details," which apparently means lots and lots of wood turning up in a variety of places inside the units. And while we don't know much else other than 11'-15' ceilings, underground parking and imported German cabinetry, we're certainly amazed by that roof. It almost looks like a little village up there. The cabana trend cannot be stopped. Expect more on this building in the future, when it has its official grand opening.
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