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On the Market: 19 Jay Street Townhouse

Let's start at the bottom of this sleek new listing and work our way up. There is a vault under the sidewalk, which, incidently covers some ground on "the shortest cobblestone block in Tribeca." On the first level, there is a living area that "may be closed off from the rest of the house if required." We're getting a little suspicious here.

Fortunately, things open up from there with an office on level two, a double-height living area and posh kitchen on three, guest suite and media room on four, and a master (plus kiddies' rooms) on five. Up top, there is an roof garden and an outdoor shower. You're gonna need it to wash away the film of outrageous wealth. Asking $15.8 million.

After the jump, the floorplan porn.

· Listing: Jay Street Townhouse [Brown Harris]