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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Curbed Roundtable: September State 'o the Market Report (70 comments)
"NYC prices will not be affected. Anyone with money wants to live here. In 10 years time only multimillioaires will be able to afford to buy here."
2) The Virgins of New York, Part II (52 comments)
"I'm not ashamed to say it -- they look great. Any city would be proud to have a cluster of towers like these."
3) Flipper Hell on the Upper West Side (33 comments)
"So if this is already happening (supply greater than demand), why are dozens more 'luxury condo' buildings going up all over this city? Where do these developers think the hordes of rich people are coming from? Seeing this city demolished on every corner for new condos is repulsive."
4) Development Du Jour: The Mill Building (25 comments)
"what's up with the yellow and blue walls - i think i would puke everytime i walked into those rooms. It looks like a depressing loft for a former has-been actor who's highlight in life was playing a pokemon charachter in a national tour 5 years ago. It doesn't even match the tone of the floors and beams."