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"Secret" Plan to Shrink Atlantic Yards More?

Earlier this week, developer Forest City Ratner announced a shrinkage of the Atlantic Yards development by 6-8 percent. Today, Atlantic Yards Report says the developer has a "secret" plan for more size cuts and that models were even created by Frank Gehry and his team. A source told AYR:

There was always a scaled-back model that made considerable concessions to the public's concern and dismay apropos of height and density issues. The model was to be hidden from public view, but would be revealed to the appropriate parties at the appropriate time...The source said that the hidden, scaled-down model was to be produced only for "significant players."This week's 6-8 percent cut would shrink the development to about 8 million square feet, which was its size before it eventually grew to 9.1 million square feet. Even if you don't want to keep the calculator icon handy on your desktop, you've got to love the secret Frank Gehry model thing.
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