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Bagel Leaves Harlem

Say it ain't so. Harlem blogger Bagel in Harlem has announced on her blog that she's sublet her apartment and has moved:

I can take a groping in Harlem but I've got no patience for a hitting in Harlem. It was a beautiful, sunny November afternoon and I was walking along East 125th Street when a man, obviously drunk and demanding 12-cents from passerby, approached me. "Dude, sorry, I don't have 12 cents," I said to him trying to steer clear. But as I passed to the right of him, he took a large bag filled with recyclable cans and whacked me on my back so hard that I actually fell over.

I was dazed and in shock and mostly just angry. Really, really angry...And while I recognize that a good bagel whacking can perhaps happen anywhere in the city, this particular whack occurred just three blocks from my apartment. Afterwards, I could no longer see the forest from the trees. Harlem’s incredible history, architecture and residents all remained, but my day-to-day existence in the neighborhood had become increasingly stressful and I was no longer finding pleasure in my surroundings.

For now, Bagel is somewhere south of Houston Street.
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