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Broker BlogWrap: Buyers Showing Up to the Party

In the realm of the broker blogs, the new year has dawned... giddy! Herewith, Curbed's irregular roundup of the best of the broker bloggage.

1) Noah at UrbanDigs writes, "I've also had talks with a few other agents holding open houses and they report to me a noticeable, 3x or so, pickup in activity and this is across a range of price points across the city! This is the kind of reporting that you can take advantage of if your in the hunt to buy in the very near future! I'm not making this stuff up. If I had to estimate, I would say my own business has picked up about 4-fold in the past 3 weeks alone; most of it in the past 7-10 days! BUYERS ARE OUT THERE IN FULL FORCE!" All caps, eh? Nice touch. [UrbanDigs]

2) Peter Comitini is also feeling The Surge: "Corcoran agent Mathew Mackay had an exceptional first week on the market at his open house in the West Village for a one bedroom condo priced at $875,000 (right)over 60 interested parties showed up. Susan Singer's team reported over 25 parties at each of her northern Manhattan properties on Riverside Drive; and a Gramercy studio had multiple bids after 6 months on market... Virtually all the agents I spoke with, experienced relatively high traffic this weekend in every price category. It would have been more typical to have 5 to 10 parties show up since last Summer; so this is indeed a wind shift." []

3) Irrational exuberance aside, check this illuminating linklist from The Upper Crust NYC: "How many times can an apartment be advertised at once? Apparently at least... 9 times." [The Upper Crust NYC]