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Fourth Avenue G-Slope Hotel Blends with Surroundings

So, that "boutique hotel" on Fourth Avenue in Gowanus that is approaching completion has gained balconies and glass, but at least one neighbor, blogger Random Brooklyn, is uninmpressed. She writes:

I'm trying to figure out the architecture, particularly the balcony railings. They look suspiciously like the rails on a coffin. Is this some sort of homage to the Brooklyn Casket Company? And of course, there's the side view. Looks strikingly similar to the architecture of the Gigundaplex movie theatre on Court & State Streets. I suppose if the luxury you are looking for is located between a 24/7 taxi garage and a stand-up MRI place (with views of the Pep Boys AND the U-Haul out the back windows), then this really captures the feel for the area.

I have no guesses who the rooftop restaurant belongs to, but I have no doubt there will be an Area Kids boutique in the lobby.

And, all this time, we were figuring that the "breathtaking hotel" and Boymelgreen Hall across the street were going to uplift the area.
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