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Sneak Peek at Nouvel's Latest, 100 Eleventh Ave.

As long as we're idling in Chelsea—uh, holy shit, have you seen this rendering for architect Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue (at 19th Street)? It's a luxury condo tower slated to rise right across the street from Frank Gehry's IAC headquarters. The image comes courtesy of the Luxury Loft team, who have this to say about it:

[Above] is a very rough idea of what the next Jean Nouvel (40 Mercer) designed building will look like. Located in West Chelsea... the building will comprise over 70 units and a large retail space designated for a restaurant. The area is certainly turning out to be not only the ultimate Art destination, but a pioneering landscape of some of the City's most exciting architecture.That's the same party line espoused in the Post story on West Chelsea today (sample quote: "I think 19th Street will be the most architecturally distinct block in Manhattan"), but as we're kinda getting the totally awesome vibe here, we're inclined to agree.
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