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A Visit from the Edge

[Photo courtesy of i'mjustsayin/flickr]

The Edge came knocking on Williamsburg blogger INSIJS's door this week. Not that Edge. The Kent Avenue Edge. Specifically, a rep from Douglaston Development, which is building The Edge, a development with four highrises and a boatload of retail space due north of Northside Piers. We'll let him explain:

The folks bringing Williamsburg's "The Edge" had advertised a Spring 2006 groundbreaking; but aside from a week or two of exploratory pile-driving, we were spared from real construction. We'd convinced ourselves that the recently-flaccid condo and co-op market had spooked our new neighbors into a catatonic state of wait-and-see. But the Grim Reaper came a callin' today. Bottom line, according to a Douglaston rep named Leah:
- the project will break ground in February
- all four towers will be built immediately; no phased-in construction nonsense like nextdoor at Northside Piers
- the units will be condos
- the sales office will be at the corner of Kent Avenue and North 6th

Imnotsayin may be looking for new digs very soon...

The last report we had was 892 residential units in the four buildings and 100,000 square feet of retail. Excellent construction photo ops on Kent Avenue this summer.
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