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Broken Angel Going Condo

[Photo courtesy of onebadapple/flickr]

There is a deal to save Broken Angel, the Clinton Hill landmark that been endangered since a fire last fall. The New York Times reports that an agreement was reached in a meeting in Brooklyn Supreme Court and that owner Arthur Wood will submit engineering plans by next Wednesday to remove the 40-foot structure on the building's roof. Mr. Wood also has a tentative deal "to share ownership" with Shahn Anderson, a local developer who would "turn most of the building into condominiums." The new Broken Angel would include community space, studio space for Mr. Wood and a place for Mr. Wood and his wife to life. Mr. Wood said he wanted to raise money to bring the building up to code himself.

But he was running out of time and afraid the buildings department would tear down his home. "I have to do something," Mr. Wood said. "Everything I own is there: paintings, thousands of dollars worth of equipment."Architects and students from the nearby Pratt Institute have been donating services to help save the structure.
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