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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Bagel Leaves Harlem (90 comments)
"forget the whole race thing. i'm white and tough. from new york. these people no matter what color move here and think it's all disney land and times sq. you think you won't get hit or harassed below 14th st. shit."
2) 2nd Avenue Deli Update #2: Hello, Chase Bank (61 comments)
"So what is it, exactly, at this point that separates NYC from being any other city... in terms of the retail that opens here, we may as well live in Houston."
3) West Soho Paradise Threatened By Sanitation (54 comments)
"neighborhood? last time i checked this was an industrial area. It's the condos that are new, not the trucks. I would love to hear from a broker how this is really good news for the Urban Glass House and the 304 Spring Condo. Who needs water views anyway?"
4) Ask Curbed: Am I Bidding Against a Phantom Offer? (46 comments)
"ask for a week to think about it then don't call back. If the offer is phantom, they'll be calling you back in 7 days, if not, then they might not even let you wait a week."
5) Why Isn't Forest Hills Like Red Hook? (46 comments)
"The reason Forest Hills isn't cool as X is because it has an Ann Taylor AND an Ann Taylor Loft. No need for two Ann Taylor's within a 10 block radius. Two Ann Taylor's = not cool."