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Bob & Bonnie's Awkward Floral Staging (Coda!)

It's been almost a year since we celebrated the amazingly awesome awkward floral stagings of then-Corcoran brokers Bob & Bonnie, as seen in the listing photos above for an apartment for sale at 1800 Adam Clayton Blvd. Then today, suddenly, from out of nowhere, comes this comment on the post:

That was my apartment in the pics above. One thing I'd like to clarify from the posts above- it's an indoor air conditioner cover on one of the ACs...not a garbage bag. With that being said, someone needs to defend Bob and Bonnie. They did a fabulous job finding a buyer for my place. They were also very nice to deal with in person. The flower staging may have been overkill, but it did get people in the door!We love a happy ending. Someone send flowers?
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