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Storefronting: Adler Goes Village; Harlem Vintage Grows; Gotham Book Mart 'For Sale'

The Storefronting shocktroops have been out in full force this week; our thanks to the tipsters who help keep our intel fresh. Seen a store opening or closing in your neighborhood? Drop a line to

1) West Village: A Curbed correspondent emails, "New Jonathan Adler store, corner Greenwich Avenue & Charles Street (above). This will change Greenwich Avenue considerably." [Storefronting Inbox]

2) Midtown East: Things go from bad to worse at another longtime independent bookstore, per another tipster: "They've had a 'gone fishing' sign up on the door at Gotham Book Mart for a while now, but today there's an entirely different sign. There is a 'For Sale' sign that takes up the entire main window of the store. Does anyone know anything about what is going to happen to the store?" [Storefronting Inbox]

3) Chinatown: For those who love the phrase "barber shop brothel" as much we do, Daily Intel reports, "Good Friends Barber Shop, at 72 Forsyth Street, was closed under the Nuisance Abatement Law after detectives made three arrests: one in February 2006, after a female employee offered an unlicensed massage for $45, and two more in September, when a manager offered an undercover cop a massage plus a sexual act for $90." [Daily Intel]

4) Harlem: "The owners of the Harlem Vintage wine store have signed a lease for the space next door - the last vacant space in the building. Renovation of the space will begin in the next couple months and expect the wine bar to open by the summer." [Storefronting Inbox]

5) Harlem: An urgent reader query regarding a previous Storefronting item: "Can you please post any info and/or news sources about the new hotel that will be constructed on Frederick Douglass Blvd and 124th St (Central Harlem)? There used to be an Associated Supermarket there. I'm curious about it especially as I may need to book a block of hotel rooms for our nuptials (reception near there)." [Storefronting Inbox]