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Cement Shoes: 184 Kent Getting Another New Neighbor?

Looks like 184 Kent (and Northside Piers) will be getting a new neighbor across the street on Kent Avenue. The Brooklyn Ready Mix plant--source of many dramatic clouds of dust and the reason the area around N. 4th street always looks like a concrete mixer flipped over--is getting cement shoes. A neighbor says:

You'd think their business would be off the hook with all the pouring in the neighborhood, right? Apparently the lot is worth more than the business. I love the intermingling of industry and residential down here, but that place makes so much dust and dirt, and their runoff gets all over the cars and clogs the storm sewers. I'm sure I've breathed a bushel of concrete dust in two years. I'm happy to see them go. But the way they're going about it - with all the trucks still on the lot, no fence, etc. is bizarre.Upside: Excellent post-industrial Kent Avenue photo ops. Downside: Shoes covered in concrete.
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