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Burling Slip Playground Update: Recess Postponed

Recall these gloriously nutty plans for a downtown playground where cars currently park on Burling Slip that's been getting play everywhere this week? Turns out it all may as well just have been a dream in the mind of the kid at lower right. A special Curbed correspondent wires, "So, that Rockwell playground that drew the big story on Tuesday, and then another on Wednesday? The Times neglected to mention it was killed by the City Art Commission on Monday. It's dead."

Really? We asked. Continues our source: "the City Art Commission has approval power over all city projects. I'm told they thought it was kitsch, they thought it was ugly, and they thought it was an inappropriate use of the space, seeing as it's theoretically not in a residential area and it's right next to a tourist attraction." Developing, per usual...
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UPDATE: Rosier tidings for kitsch-loving kids! An insider emails, "This was not 'killed' at the Art Commission. They agreed to table it and we will be working with them on modifications as per usual practice on a project of this scope."