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Red Hook Roundup, Toxic Mystery Edition

1) 500,000 pounds of possibly toxic rubble (15 really big trucks full) has gone missing at the Ikea site on Beard Street in Red Hook. It was part of a four-story high mountain of rubble & dirt on the site intended to be used to fill the Graving Dock on the site, which is the subject of a lawsuit. Neighborhood opponents say someone needs to monitor the toxicity of the site more closely. [NYDN & NYPost]

2) The city has said no to a hotel as part of the Red Hook Piers redevelopment, at least, in Phase One. The request for developer proposals that went out this week asked for a marina and boat repair shop, but no hotel. A hotel would go into a later, and more controversial, part of the redevelopment. Please say it isn't the end of Red Hook Beach. [Brooklyn Paper]

3) Remember that biodiesel plant someone wanted to build in Red Hook? It's a done deal. The city has approved $4 million in financing and $5.2 million in tax breaks for the facility. The plant would process used cooking oil into diesel fuel. The builders swear it won't make the neighborhood smell like fries. [Gowanus Lounge]