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37 Wall Street Sends Out Homework

"Did anyone else notice the ridiculous (and I'm assuming quite expensive) brochure for 37 Wall Street contained in their weekly delivery of Time Out NY Magazine?" asks an emailer. "Talk about accessing the masses." Uh, no duh we saw it. There it is spread out on our cluttered desk, floorplan worksheets, full-color brochure and all. Yep, the marketing blitz for 37 Wall?an upscale 373-unit rental development? is on, as if Tiffany's wasn't already a big enough draw for the crowd who will probably take up residence there. It's cool to see a fancy rental place hitting the market, and the amenities sure do sound nice: gym, spa, wi-fi, screening room, roof deck and DirecTV in every apartment. You can apply directly online, if you're the kind of person who likes entering your bank account information on a semi-sketchy website.
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