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Letter from 88 Greenwich: No Fun in the FiDi?

[Photo courtesy of PropertyShark]

What makes a building suck? With architects, builders, real estate brokers, building managers and doormen all paid large sums of money to ensure that a building does not, in fact, suck, what makes one slide down the slippery slope toward suckitude? The answer, according to one angry Curbed reader, is condo conversion, and he wants to tell you all about his experience in the Financial District's 88 Greenwich, currently being converted by Buttonwood Real Estate into the Greenwich Club Residences. A Curbed commentor once went on a long rant about 88 Greenwich, and here's an even longer one:

88 Greenwich sucks...and it sucks hard. In 6 short months, my (mostly) idyllic existence in my apartment at 88 Greenwich Street has gone straight to hell in a handbasket. This place sucks in so many ways, for so many reasons, the residents can't even keep up with all the things worth complaining about. The building is in the midst of a condo conversion and if I could offer one piece of advice to ANYONE on planet Earth who might be living in a building that is doing the same, get out...get out fast and get out now. Here is a summary of just a few of the "challenges" we've had to deal with over the past months: *Our entire lobby has been taken over with some sort of scaffolding
structure that's reduced its size by more than 50%. With 8 million
more workers now running around this place, its extremely convenient
trying to "obstacle course" our way to the elevators through the
narrow passage that now serves as the "lobby." The poor doormen's
desk is practically sitting out on the curb now and we have a
makeshift mailroom that they located right next to the sales office.
On good nights you can hear the catty sales staff through the fake
wall next door making rude comments about all of the chumps who've
come walking through their doors that day. *Our gym...closed. Done. Finito. They took the liberty of
"arranging a special monthly fee" with the NY Sports Club down the
street, but since our gym was free, that monthly fee would have to be
pretty darn special to compare...and its not.

*Roof Deck...closed.

*Tenant Lounge with large screen TV, seating area, kitchen and pool

*Elevator activity...through the f'n roof. If you live on any floor
above 4, good luck getting to or from your apartment. I could walk
out into the hall in the morning, push the button, and then come back
to my apartment while I enjoy my morning coffee and paper before that
mo fo even makes it up to my floor. I then get to enjoy a trip down
to the "lobby" that goes something like this:
MY Floor
All the while, various workers covered in differing amounts of dust,
dirt and God knows what else, come traipsing on and off as they
shuffle around the building. I've had to build in an extra 10
minutes into my commute to make up for the daily elevator antics we
are forced to endure.

Inconvenient does not even come close to describing what any poor
shlub like me who's stuck here until their lease ends, is having to
endure on a daily basis (I didn't even go into all of the noise,
dust, work on the weekends, etc). Best of all, I'd love for your
readers to guess what sort of compensation...special treatment...or
acknowledgement we've received for having to live in this hell hole
during this whole construction phase? Anyone? OH YES! I almost
forgot. For three days during the Holiday Season, they set up a make-
shift table in the "lobby" with a few croissants and a muffin...boy
did that take my mind off the fact that I had been awoken that day by
jackhammering in the apartment above us! I'm just blown away by the
fact that I'm paying the same amount rent...for the same
apartment...and we now have ZERO amenities. How is that fair?? My
downstairs neighbor told me that she had called the management office
the other day to see if they would give her 3 extra days to move out
(because her lease expired in the middle of the week) and they told
her her only option was to purchase another week on her lease.
Another neighbor shared with me that they were giving her trouble
with her security deposit because of some damage in her apartment
that was caused by one of the construction workers! I understand
that this was going to be a difficult situation for the residents
living here no matter what, however, some common decency would not be
out of place.

oh yeah...and I just heard that they were releasing several hundred
apartments for 6 month leases b/c they were so far behind on
construction and need a cash infusion. As a public service to the
residents of New York...I urge you not to move here. As for the
condo units, I hear they're nice....but not so special. I haven't
even bothered to look because I'd rather take a suitcase of money and
dump it out my window rather than give it to anyone here.

Aaaaaand scene.
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