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Ask Curbed: Can I Get the Coop to Sell the Apt Next Door?

From a reader come some interesting questions about buying an adjoining apartment from his coop so as to expand his domain:

I'm in a situation where I purchased a sponsored unit from a coop building in the West Village a few years ago. Recently the adjacent apartment, also a sponsored unit, became available after the rent controlled tenant moved out. The corporation that owns the building plans on renovating the newly available apartment prior to selling. I, for obvious combinatorial reasons, would like to purchase the adjacent apartment. Question is - What are the chances that I can get the corporation to sell me the apartment without renovating? The seller's broker will be the same as when I purchased my current apartment and I have already expressed my interest in proceeding as such. Is there anything else I can do in the meantime? The owning corporation seems little interested in the fate of this particular apartment. Will the argument of the value of time and money prevail? Or will big business roll forward with the renovations?Many questions, but we're confident there are many answers.
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