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More Fun With Sales Offices, Williamsburg Edition

Curbed didn't just hit the dueling sales offices on Broadway this weekend, tipped off by Williamsburg blogger INSIJS that the Northside Piers sales office had opened, we paid a visit to the Toll Brothers latest Brooklyn outpost. What we found was a busy spot with about a dozen non-hipster people in their late forties, fifties and, even, early sixties, being shown around a trailer with model bathroom & kitchen, plus model of the entire development. We'll let INSIJS offer some of the flavor:

Toll Brothers threw open the construction site gate today, challenging yupsters to locate their brand-new on-site sales office. We recommend prospective Northside Piers residents don their Carhartt work jackets and Timberland boots (hardhats optional) for the dicey trek past broken fences and construction equipment to the foot of North 5th Street. Or just drive. Honestly, though, the on-siteness factor is actually doing future Northsiders a big favor: the muddy, broken terrain and looming overhead cranes are such standard landscaping features in the neighborhood that if one finds themselves put-off by this ramble, they might well consider keeping their Upper West Side walk-up for a few more years. Just wait til they discover that Otto Tootsis and the meat juice on North 6th are a bad combo...

The tower currently under construction is number one of three - with numbers two and three slated to begin obstructing the breathtaking panoramas from tower one within a year or two. That begs the question: who's the target customer for the $2 million Manhattan-facing units in tower one, who will be teased with a great view for one year? The terminally ill?

Amusingly, the views across the river are blocked by a mountain of dirt behind the sales office.
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[Interior shots courtesy of I'm Not Sayin', I'm Just Sayin']