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It Happened One Weekend: Bed-Stuy Gets an Imaginary Extreme Makeover

1) Andrew C. Friedman of Studio for Civil Architecture busts out his Sketch Pad to re-imagine a Bed-Stuy town home that cried out for an extreme makeover. The most unique feature has to be the outdoor movie theater complete with a second story bleacher section built into the terrace. As an added bonus, the neighborhood has several similar buildings and each could be redone in a similar fashion, despite the fact they are mostly occupied. Not a problem says Mr Friedman, explaining “Developers can accomplish anything, you’d be amazed!” [Sketch Pad/Tracie Rozhon]

2) You still have a chance to buy a town house In New York City for under $1 million, and the Times provides some helpful hints on how to find one of your own. Keys include a willingness to look into what they call "overlooked neighborhoods", hire experts to inspect the building and be ready to drop boatloads of cash in order to properly renovate. Follow this advice and you'll be on your way to enjoying the spacious life.[Finding a Town House for Under a Million/Christine Haughney]

3) The East Village's Fourth Street Food Co-op is fighting for survival as Whole Foods and TJ's become neighborhood residents go to place for organic goods. The Co-Op has gone all vegetarian, only sells independent products and of course, has set up a MySpace account complete with an pro-veggie playlist and the hottest YouTube clips of organic food in action. [East Village Neighborhood Report/Dan Levin]

4) After years of living uncomfortably in numerous Manhattan rentals, a young lawyer finally finds salvation in buying a 1 Bedroom apartment on Bedford Ave in the 'Burg. Even the seller was happy that Isabel was interested, saying “She was excited like I had been excited.” $430,000 later and Isabel bid Manhattan fair well.[The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]