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Broadway Sales Office Showdown

They may not be neighbors in real life, but money has a way of bringing all types together. Over on Broadway between 11th and 12th Streets, a real estate smackdown is raging. The sales offices for One Ten 3rd and the A Building, the East Village's new twin towers of luxury, have opened across the street from one another. A Saturday afternoon visit showed the One Ten 3rd office on top in terms of traffic, but the A Building's ahead in absolute weirdness. It looks like a Swedish hotel lobby from the year 2250, a sparsely decorated whited-out room with huge projections of renderings covering an entire wall. Anyway, might we suggest a game of Red Rover to settle this once and for all?

A Building:

One Ten 3rd:

· A Building [Official Site]
· One Ten 3rd [Official Site]