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Landmarks to Foster: Great Tower! Don't Build it Here!

Norman Foster and Aby Rosen, who respectively architected and financed the plans to grow a 30-story tower out of the Parke-Bernet Gallery building at 980 Madison (between East 77th and 78th), rue the day they tangled with Tom Wolfe. At a meeting earlier today, the Landmarks Preservation Committee weighed in on the plan, essentially declaring that though the design is just fabulous, it sure as hell won't get built on this site. Declared one commissioner, "I'm an authority on marriages. And this marriage makes me nervous." Added another, "My issue is with the location. This building belongs on a vacant site." And then, per Power Plays, there was this:

A few minutes later, Commissioner Margery Perlmutter suggested that the project might be appropriate in some Blade-Runner-like version of the future, when every vacant inch of the city has been filled. But for the time being, she too gave the proposal a thumbs-down.The commission ordered Rosen and Foster back to the drawing board, though there's no indication yet if they'll pursue the project from this point forward or not, or wait until 2029 to re-introduce it.
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· Norman Foster's 980 Madison Will Not Enrage You [Curbed] UPDATE: Though the reports linked above paint a pretty devastating portrait of the plan's reception, The Real Estate tracks down Aby Rosen's spokesperson, who's admirably spinning up a storm: "'From our perspective, it went quite well. Nobody was closing the door and saying, 'Absolutely not. You can't build something on top of the Parke-Bernet building.'" Also, we totally love your shoes!
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