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Check Out the Smith Street Notary District

Those who've ever gotten off a train at Smith-9th Street and gone down to street level have no doubt taken note of Russo Realty, one of the neighborhood's more, um, endearing and enduring landmarks. Local blogger 423 Smith, who's already scored this week with a deconstruction of the Carroll Gardens video rental market, now has some fun with the bottom of Smith Street, dubbing it "The Notary District":

In Manhattan, it takes blocks upon blocks of business all doing the same thing in order for it be even considered a district. But in Brooklyn - where one man can make a difference - well, one man has made a difference: His last name is Russo (presumably - I don’t really like doing research), and his business (one of them, anyway) is being a Notary (again, research would be able to verify this, but I’ve got a cough and, well, you know how it goes)...With a little can-do spirit, some red paint, some scraps of - what is that? Old linoleum? Russo has created with his bare hands the NOTARY DISTRICT.If Russo Realty ever goes, that will be the end of Brooklyn.
· Brooklyn's Notary District [423 Smith]