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Landlord's Blog Does Not Disappoint

Want a sense of what the other half thinks? The owner of several buildings in Bushwick and Bed-Stuy has started a blog called A Landlord's Life, and it makes for excellent reading. Check out entries like "Mother Fucker!":

So there i am continuing the work on my tattoo ( Hugh back piece) when i get a call from one of the tenants on Melrose st . Apparently the the fucking mailman left the key keeper unlocked and now the god damn key is missing . So now someone is walking around with a key to my building . FUCK YOU MR.MAILMAN ..FUCK YOU .!!Now i have to go change the locks tomorrow . While I'm at it I'm gonna buy a new mailbox and mount it somewhere outside . I don't want the FUCKING MAILMAN to have access to my building . I'm going the the post office tomorrow to complain about this bastard , this isn't the first time this piece of SHIT has fucked this up .Also make sure to read "I can't fuckin' win," "holy shit" and "gave all the tenants wine for Christmas." Tenants, where's your blog? Huh?
· A Landlord's Life []