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Development Du Jour: Platinum

A tipster emails, "Was walking to work today up 8th Avenue near Times Square and noticed a billboard that went up for Platinum NYC. Saw them clearing the lot for a while but never noticed the sign before. Looks to be around at least 40 floors."

This one's the work of high-end New Jersey office developers SJP Properties, who recently branched out into residential developments (including 45 Park). Platinum, located at 247 West 46th on the former site of the New Perspectives Theatre, rises 43 stories, within which there will be untold condo glory. The development's official website doesn't reveal much at this point, but we do recommend a visit if only for a glimpse at the crazed fireplace lobby decor, seen below in freeze-frame.

The architect, of course, is Costas Kondylas. And it should be noted that the building shares a web identity with this MySpace user, which we're taking as a good omen.

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