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Enemy of My Friends Dept.: Trump Takes on Trucks

Recall last week's Curbed exclusive that the city is planning to construct a 150-foot tall sanitation garage along West Street in the Hudson Square/West Soho neighborhood? Well, the exquisite dance underway in West Soho grows yet more elegant today with Donald Trump's proclamation that he's opposed to the city's plan, given that his contro-versial condo-hotel is a mere five blocks from the proposed garage site:

"I don't like the trucks, the fumes, the traffic from the standpoint of the community," Trump said, saying he sympathizes with concerns voiced by some neighbors. "If the community wanted help, I would certainly help," he added.Trump immediately undercut his bold gesture of solidarity, however, by noting that, in fact, he really could give a shit, despite the mild havoc the garage could wreak on the local skyline: "It doesn't impact [our building] because it's five blocks away. Five blocks in New York City is an eternity." The scoreboard, at the end of the second inning: Trump 8, Neighborhood 0.
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