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Destructoporn: Caught in the (Illegal) Act in BK

The Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights, a group that knows a thing or two about sparring with developers and bringing bizarre situations to light (see 229 vs. 231, 1504 8th Avenue), seems to be employing a new weapon in their efforts to curb illegal goings-on. No longer content to rely on 311 complaints and emails to politicians, the group is now breaking out the DV cameras and videotaping demolition and construction that runs afoul of the law. The videos wind up on YouTube, and the group provides links in their emails to the City and DoB. Effective! The practice can be most recently seen in the case of 338 22nd Street, where some after-hours shenanigans were going down on Sunday night. Of the three clips offered, we chose #2 to post above because of the particular Blair Witch vibe it gives off. Kinda spooky, no?
· 338 22nd St., Bklyn NY--Illegal Work Part 1 [YouTube]
· 338 22nd St., Bklyn NY--Illegal Work Part 2 [YouTube]
· 338 22nd St., Bklyn NY--Illegal Work Part 3 [YouTube]