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Red Hook Piers: Cargo, Cruise Ships or Beer Gardens?

It's taken us a few minutes to get to this today, but the new New York Observer has a brave attempt by Matthew Schuerman to make sense of the profoundly confusing, and controversial, issue known as the redevelopment of the Red Hook Piers. He writes:

The E.D.C. has proposed a little bit of everything in the 150-acre waterfront that’s now going through a rezoning. The map that E.D.C. put forth in September of piers 7 through 12 shows a beer garden, restaurants, warehouses, a hotel with a conference center, offices, light industrial buildings, a marina, a boatyard, a hotel, art galleries and artist studios, retail shops, offices and something called a “Dynamic Maritime Marketplace.”

Oh, and two piers for break-bulk cargo, container ships and a second cruise-ship terminal. (The first cruise-ship terminal opened last April.)You will have to click over to the article to read all about the controversy about keeping or shutting the container port that currently occupies some of the property, which should be coming to a nice simmer by Spring.
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