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Development Du Jour: 48 Bond

Forget West Chelsea. When construction finally finishes up on Bond Street in Noho, it might just be the city's most interesting block in terms of its traditional/modern architecture mix. This here is new development 48 Bond, currently rising on what was until last year an empty lot a few doors down from the (far more ballyhooed) 40 Bond. The developer had originally comissioned a design by architect Marvin Meltzer, but scuttled those plans and moved ahead instead with architect Deborah Berke, her first residential condo project. Berke explains, in a press release sent our way by alert publicists: "The façade of 48 Bond is an elegant composition of slabs of granite and sheets of glass. The scale of the material is unusually large, contributing to its abstract and bold quality. The stone and glass play off each other and accentuate their contrasting textures."

Marketing materials indicate that the 11-story, 14-unit building, with apartments starting at $2 million, are already on the market, but 48 Bond's official website teases us with a "Coming January 27" tagline. So coy.

· 48 Bond [Official Site]