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Meanwhile, Down at the End of Court Street

How about a reach-out-and-touch-a-truck vista offered by this new building at the end of Court Street at Garnet Street and Hamilton Avenue up against Ye Olde Gowanus Expressway? A Court Street resident reports on construction progress upon returning from a trip:

When I peeked out my front window onto Court, I saw that a building they'd been working on for a few months had suddenly sprouted two floors. Most of the buildings here are ground floor plus two levels above. So you can imagine this thing towers above them all, but ironically whoever might eventually live in those two 'extra' floors could almost reach out and shake hands with the motorists on the Gowanus Expressway. Anyway, the building's on a really busy intersection and it would be hell to live there. The noise of the trucks can be bad enough at times and I'm a bit back from the whole thing... Now that's a real estate selling job, can't wait to read the description of those apts.One-of-a-kind opportunity for the automotive enthuasiast...No need to check Gowanus or Battery Tunnel traffic report!
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Another view of the Expressway Building.

The end of Court Street, with the Expressway Building on the left. The building in the foreground on the right is "The Terraces," the tall one on the right in the background is our old friend, the Court Street Lofts.