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48 Bond Update: 10' High Flamed-Granite, Dammit!

Yesterday's Development Du Jour, 48 Bond, came in for some abuse in the comment thread. Decried one commenter, "The building would look better if the windows weren't all flush, so there was some light and shadow. Look at the light and shadow at the buildings to each side. Now look at the light and shadow in the new building. Boring."

In response, a tipster sends along the above close-up rendering of the facade, noting, "There seems to be confusion on your comments board about the facade of 48 Bond. Since you got the scoop on the upcoming marketing campaign, I thought I'd share the best image from the project. The glass and granite are all flush except for several canted windows. The slabs of flamed-granite will be up to 10' high."

Now you know!
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