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Williamsburg Graffiti War Escalates, Dada Invoked

First, it was the destruction of the Banksy on N. 6th Street in Williamsburg. Now, there's a Street Art Civil War invoking Dada. Burg blogger INSIJS explains:

The ongoing battle of street artists for presence on North 6th Street between Wythe and Kent Avenue in Williamsburg took a peculiar turn Tuesday night. You might recall an earlier post about a locally-celebrated Banksy work being rolled over, then replaced with a pair of classic Faile stencils. Wednesday, neighbors awoke to find that virtually all the block's 'wall art' - including a commercially-commissioned Dewars Scotch ad - had been attacked by methodically splashed-on purple and teal paint.

The rather comprehensive Jackson Pollack treatment is explained in a pair of typewritten manifestos, prominently wheatpasted to a bright-green wall that regularly hosts a rotating gallery of Faile pasteups.

Well, at least it wasn't the anti-graffiti van. Maybe some of the guests at the Northside Piers after-party at Galapagos on Tuesday night had too much free champagne?
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