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A Flood of Red Hook Post-Industrial Photos

Maybe you remember those pics of the big abandoned Red Hook Grain Terminal from Monday? Turns out that a number of photographers made the trip inside and have posted photos. In addition to the originals we noted, there are now excellent flickr photosets from e-liz, Gowanus, f.trainer and mercurialn. For all you fans of the Ikea project in Red Hook, make sure to check out this shot from the roof. We last heard from Gowanus and Merculian, by the way, with their recent shots inside the Revere Sugar Plant here and here.
· Exploring the Red Hook Grain Terminal [e-liz/flickr]
· Red Hook Grain Terminal [Gowanus/flickr]
· Grain Terminals [f.trainer/flickr]
· Red Hook Grain Terminal 01.14.07 [mercurialn/flickr]