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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Storefronting: Starbucks Snags Former Blind Tiger Space; Zara Soho Shutters for Renovations (49 comments)
"re: $tarbux and the Blind Tiger, MAN - I knew the hood had already jumped the shark but yikes - somehow this is far more tragic than anything before..."
2) CurbedWire: Sneak Peek Inside 123 Baxter (42 comments)
"That Chitaly place looks something my maiden aunt would live in after the second world war. All those curtains make me want to puke on that rug."
3) Ask Grunt: Hey! I Made a Friggin' Offer (35 comments)
"All's fair till the contract is signed!"
4) Hipster War Ends: No Winners in Sight (31 comments)
"Libation was just out of place. You come to the LES because it's filled with little stores, bars/lounges, music venues, etc. It's got that gritty charm. Going to Libation was like going to Paris and ate at Applebees. No matter where you are from, this place made no sense."
5) Market Suffers Outbreak of Plague, Sexiness (31 comments)
"And what about the used/abused line 'just steps away from restaurants, shopping, bars and nightlife!' Like, um, what part of Manhattan (south of 96th St.) is not 'steps' away from restaurants, bars, shopping and nightlife?"