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Little in the Middle, But Ikon's Got Much Back

A special Curbed tipster sends along this photo of the backside of the Ikon, one of the more significant developments on Bayard Street along Karl Fischer Row in Williamsburg. The Ikon is, of course, a repurposed industrial building with a new six-story add-on that looks like it hasn't been touched in months. While the front, facing McCarren Park, is shiny and new, the back is, uh, not. Says our tipster:

This is the back of the building, showing how it used to look. The bricks are reminiscent of the nearby church. It's kinda like a girl at Marquee: Somewhat attractive from the front but then you get a look at its scary back end and, unless you're completely drunk, you're afraid to take it home. Or, in this case, make it your home.No matter what we say here, nothing is going to top that.
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