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Sheffield Conversion Sparking 'Civil War'?

We've talked before about how the condo conversion underway at The Sheffield, the 50-story tower in the shadow of the Time Warner Center redubbed Sheffield57, has sparked some bad blood between the rent-stabilized folks who are staying in the building and the developer. Comes a reader report that strikes us simultaneously as one-sided enough to ignore—but too humorous not to. Read on with a sizable grain of salt at hand:

I'm a resident of Sheffield57 (the MASSIVE new condo conversion) and mega property owner Kent Swig held a tenants meeting for those of us left behind (about 90 Stabilized apts and apparently about 25 "fighters" without leases who have a lawsuit pending). We got a look at the new apartments and they're WAY below the quality of what one would expect from the "super luxe" conversion they're promising--cheap finishes, floors that are already buckling as you walk on them, small rooms and poor layouts! We were surprised for all the wrong reasons. You should check them out if you get a chance. The non-stabilized people turned an amicable meeting into an ugly, loud fight which was really something to be seen! It seems like a real estate civil war may be starting.

Don't let the smiling doorman fool you—this one could get juicy. Further reports from either side encouraged—nay, demanded.
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