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Rumblings & Bumblings: New Year's Hangover Edition

If it's Tuesday, and there's development, there'll be Rumblings & Bumblings. As always, the questions below were submitted by actual readers. After New Year's Weekend, the inbox was mostly bare, so now's your chance to get in the game. If you've got an answer, another question, or a sweet, sweet digital pic, drop a note in the comments—or email us at Answers to follow on Thursday.

1) BelDel: "334 Grand Street (aka 63 Ludlow Street) which formerly housed Lismore Hosiery was sold earlier this year. A scaffold has been around the building ever since with possible construction work going on inside. Earlier today I passed by the building and--based on a new picture located on the scaffold--it looks like several stories are going to be erected on top of the original structure. There is a reference to the construction company R&L Construction, though I didn't notice any additional information regarding this project on the website. Please check it out and find out more details." (We've noted before that condos are indeed in the works; anyone got renderings?)