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West Village Undulation Update: Just Say Jackson

Out with 2006: referring to the undulating building set to be constructed at 122 Greenwich Avenue in the West Village as "122 Greenwich Avenue." In for 2007: calling it by its new name, One Jackson Square. Reports a tipster, Looks like something is finally going to happen at 122 Greenwich. All of the official ads in the parking lot have been taken down along with the wheatpasted ads on the fences. They've been replaced with signs proclaiming, 'There is Only One Jackson' and 'Jackson is Sensual.'"

Indeed, the .227-acre greenspace gets its name in lights at last, but what's more heartening is that the trend towards prefab addresses for new development clearly isn't going anywhere. Not much info on the official One Jackson website yet, but tune in for a typically annoying flash intro, then a form to join the mailing list. (Bonus points to the developer for the aggressive URL, too.)
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