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Storefronting: One Starbucks Lives, Another Dies

1) Cobble Hill: Above, visual proof of the reported Starbucks coming in on Smi?well, you can pretty much tell. What does this mean for Smith Street? We're not sure, but a Cobble Hill-residing friend just told us this was a "big deal," so we'll feign interest. The pic comes from Pretty In The City, which has an entertaining comments thread on the whole thing going. Example: "I am so excited for you. I love getting my grande nonfat one pump chocolate with whip extra hot mocha each morning." [PitC]

2) Williamsburg: And here's another Starbucks-related shocker, pertaining to the long-ago rumored 'Bucks at Marcy Avenue and Broadway. A tipster claims a bait-and-switch: "Newly erected signage on storefront in question indicates that above-rumored Starbucks under Marcy stop turns out to be a soon-to-be opening 'Señor Taco Cafeteria'. So much for the impending grande-fication of the JMZ corridor." [Storefronting inbox]

3) Central Village: Everybody knows that the Canal Jean Co. just hasn't been the same destination for hoochie mama get-ups since it moved into its smaller location a few years back, but this would still be a blow. A tipster writes: "Last night, I saw a 'Space for Rent' sign at 718 Broadway, which is the current home of the smaller Canal Jean Co. Maybe can look into what is happening." Certainly. The website says "under contruction." Ruhroh. [Storefronting inbox]

4) Financial District: This one isn't really a retail item, but it demands our attention. In what can only be described as another totally awesome addition to the BeaverZone, a tipster writes: "The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's is opening a 'Peace Palace' at the corner of Beaver and Broad Streets in Lower Manhattan. The former site of the Wall Street Kitchen & Bar (the American Bank Note Compnay Headquarters - 70 Broad Street) has been undergoing massive renovation for expected opening this spring of one of Maharishi's Peace Palaces." A Peace Palace and a big black beaver? Anyone wanna get high and wander south? [Storefronting inbox]