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Same Old Story for PS64

What will 2007 hold for Avenue B's PS64/CHARAS/El Bohio building, last seen being denuded to heck by owner/developer Gregg Singer, much to the chagrin of, well, everyone? Not much, or so it seems. After reading Charles Bagli's thorough timeline of the long-simmering conflict between Singer, activists and the City over the building in the Times today, it's safe to say that the new year will be one of waiting. And then more waiting. Singer currently has?count 'em?three lawsuits filed against the city claiming serious CHARASment (heh.), including one that seeks $100 million in damages, and the only thing that pretty much everyone involved agrees on is that there is no end in sight. Bleh, check back in '08.
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[PS 64 photo via Flickr user ratherbebiking]