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Broker BlogWrap: Taking Inventory

Broker BlogWrap is Curbed's irregular roundup of notable postings from the blogs of Manhattan real estate brokers. Please have your paperwork and 15% fee ready before continuing.

1) In posting the above graph of neighborhood inventory additions in the past week, then disclaiming, "I'm sure most will not find this that useful," UrbanDigs has again massively underestimated our love for random, uncontextualized data. In this case, we're relieved to see that the Upper West Side still can't top the Upper East Side. As if. [UrbanDigs]

2) TrueGotham's Douglas Heddings jumps into last week's Property Grunt/Curbed reader query about broker price manipulation: "In New York, there is no legally binding deal until a contract is fully executed (signed by all parties and escrow deposit actually deposited). The lack of binders paired with greedy sellers and agents creates an atmoshere for this type of behavior that can sour a lot of buyers on the whole experience." One answer: contract deadlines. [TrueGotham]

3) Manhattan Loft Guy is attacked by an AA (Anonymous Agent) for blogging about one of his/her listings. Conclusion: "I conclude that the AA will go ballistic if ever one of the AA’s listings is discussed on" [Manhattan Loft Guy]