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Return to the Batcave

[Photo courtesy of Food of the Future]

Last time we ran an item about the so-called Batcave, aka the abandoned power plant in Gowanus that might someday be part of Gowanus Village, the shit kind of hit the fan comment-wise. The squatters have been gone for some time, and last time we looked, a security guard was pacing back and forth in front of one of those little porta-john offices, but some photographers including Bluejake and f.trainer got into the Batcave this weekendand emerged with some cool pics, making it a pretty good week or so for abandoned post-industrial Brooklyn photos. You can check a bunch of them out here and here.
· Batcave photo slideshow [Streetsy/flickr]
· Batcave Pics [f.trainer/flickr]
· Brooklyn [The Food of the Future]