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Now Playing on Henry Street: Hard Hat Opera

Ah, the trials and tribulations of life in Brooklyn. Take, for instance, this missive, which was sent to the Brooklyn Heights Blog about, well, you'll see:

I've been working from home the last few weeks and I live across the street from the construction site at 75 Henry St. There is a construction worker who yells and sings and shouts for what seems like no reason all day long. It's almost like he has tourett's unless he just loves being loud and extremely annoying. I now work at the back of my house and all of the windows are closed and I can still hear the jerk loud and clear...Do I: Scream out the window for him the shut the %$#* up, call 311, or simply ask him to please refrain, or do nothing? It seriously is aggravating and really I consider it to be noise pollution. He sings in opera fashion about spark plugs, and screams, "I goooooooot it!" all freaking day long. I'm sure I'll just have to deal with it but just venting and seeing if anyone else on Henry has noticed.Viva, Pagliaccio!
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